Unmatched Finish Quaility

Today's powder materials and processes ensure uniform coating and consistent coverage, along with consistent coating thicknesses for superior adhesion and corrosion resistance. These characteristics permit us to achieve a broad range of coating thicknesses in one coating operation with NO runs, NO drips and NO sags. In addition, the natural wrapping effect of powder coating allows us to coat intricate parts, and also achieve two-side coverage of some products after spraying only one side. Most importantly, there are very few scrap or rejected parts since damaged coatings can be blown off before heat is applied to the parts, and the coating reapplied.

The color selection available to you is virtually unlimited. No matter what your requirements, be it high gloss, low gloss, metallic, or simply a clear finish, CPC has what you desire. CPC stocks many popular colors and finish textures, and we are pleased to offer our customers an endless spectrum of custom colors!

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